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35 years of Optimism... Riots and Anarchism in Athens (Dec 6 2008)

35 years of "democratic" governments dominated by nepotism, favoritism, insider dealing and corruption scandals. 35 years of deteriorating social services and a declining education system alongside the radical
and religious conservatism (re)producing idle and corrupted citizens, anarchists, junkies and groups of marginalized people. 35 years of people shouting for a change but in fact entrenching the debauchery deeper with their very own votes, lifestyles and neglected / spoilt children born within an environment with no prospects, no basic planning and no aspirations fοr the future. 35 years of non-existent intelligentsia alongside the dominance of guided media, TV trash and trash deliberations, lifestyle marketing, consumption fetishism in both the middle-aged and younger generations. 35 years of poorly selecting, poorly training, poorly treating and poorly rewarding the Police Force. 35 years of academic institutions providing asylum to anarchism and petty crime while apathetic political parties, the justice system, academic communities and student unions, have all been idle and useless bystanders. 35 years with anarchism being the most active but destructive reaction to the total stagnation and debauchery of the socio political scene. 35 years after the transition from the Colonels' dictatorship to the unlimited freedom of the so called revolutionary "polytechnic generation" that became the current middle aged politicians and also the parents of the rioting youngsters in Greece. 35 years of rampant liberalization and petty politics inflating the bubble of social optimism for a brighter future that never arrives.
35 years after the first riot at the technical university of Athens against the military junta, the bubble of the well hatched self-destructive optimism bursts out … and the day after will be neither trivial nor brighter ...

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